Dependent Information

Dependent Documentation:

  • Dependent Social Security numbers are required during this Open Enrollment.  If your dependent’s social Security number is not provided, coverage for your dependent cannot be process.
  • Dependent documentation must be provided, eligibility requirements can be found in the Dependent Information section.
  • Children include: natural born, stepchildren, adopted, and children for whom you have legal custody.
  • Unmarried children are eligible from birth until the end  of the year in which the child reaches age 26, if the child is; 1) dependent on the employee for support, 2) lives in the employee’s household, or 3) is enrolled full-time or part-time in an accredited school, college or university.
  • If currently covering an adult child, you do not need to re-enroll your dependent.  Your adult child coverage will automatically continue, premium and plan design changes will automatically be applied.  However, you must re-submit your adult child dependent documents. If not, your adult child coverage will be terminated.
  • Children of domestic partner are eligible to be covered if the Domestic Partner is also included in the coverage.


Active Employee:

The following additional information applies only to active benefits eligible employees

  • Dependent premiums continue to be based on the employee’s benefit salary
  • Benefits Salaries are being updated as of June 30, 2015.
  • The School Board continues to subsidize the cost of dependent premiums.
  • According to the Internal Revenue Service Section 125 Regulations, all deductions for employee-paid benefits for Domestic partner coverage must be taken on post-tax basis.  Additionally, the employee must pay the tax liability on the monthly subsidy that the Board pays on behalf of the employee for any Domestic Partner coverage.
  • The value of these benefits will be added to the employee taxable income and the W-2 will be adjusted to reflect the higher income level annually.
  • Taxation for the monthly Board-paid dependent subsidy contributed on the employee’s behalf for the Domestic Partner coverage will occur on the last pay statement of each month.
  • Employees covering domestic Partner and children of the Domestic Partner will continue to be taxed on the full- board-paid dependent subsidy.  Employees covering their own children, a Domestic Partner, and children of a Domestic Partner will also be taxed on the entire Board-paid dependent subsidy.


Dependent Eligibility

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