Part-time Employees Dependent Coverage

  • Dependent Social Security numbers are required during open enrollment. If your dependent’s Social Security number is not provided, coverage for the dependent cannot be processed. For additional information, call 1-855-MDC-PS4U (1-855-632-7748).
  • Documentation of your dependent’s eligibility must be provided. Eligibility documentation requirements can be found in the Dependent Information page.
  • Children may include: natural-born children, stepchildren, adopted children and children for whom you have been appointed legal guardian. Your unmarried children are eligible from birth until the end of the year in which the child reaches age 26, if the child is:
    1. Dependent on you for support; or
    2. Lives in your household; or
    3. Is enrolled full-time or part-time in an accredited school, college or university. See more information in the Dependent Information page.
  • Children of your domestic partner are eligible for coverage only if the domestic partner is also included in the coverage.


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